« Where could we meet together for a few days ? Putting together calm, comfort, hospitability, wonderful places, tasty local food and desire for discovery ... »


This pleasant question occurs quite often In a company or society’s agenda or among a old friends. In case these images are meaningful to you, I propose to meet by the ocean’s shore ...

... 3 hours from Paris, with the TGV !

When arrived on l’île d’Oléron, off season, take advantage of great lodgings, with comfort and full equipment, then go for activities at sea or in the country.

According to your desire, agenda and budget we organise your stay...

The Ocean will wipe away borredom and weariness. It will helps build strong bonds and prepare for challenges to come

Breathe deeply  !

You may be there to work, rest, or do both at same time, unforgettable experience awaits you


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